June 17th, 2012


в Испании каждый год замучивают насмерть гончих


Stop Greyhounds being tortured to death in Spain

target: European Parliament
sponsored by: Renata Rebetez
signature goal: 35,000
signatures: 34,063

Every year thousands of greyhound dogs are tortured to death in Spain as punishment for not having been good hunters. They are slowly strangled to death, burnt alive, sprayed with acid, dragged behind cars or mutilated and left to die a slow and painful death.

The objective is to PUNISH the animals for not having been good hunter dogs.

On June 9, animal welfare associations form France and Spain will come together to denounce this horrendous practice to the European Parliment, we ask for your support, please sign this petition and inform everyone you know about this tragedy, only public pressure can help us stop this attrocities.

You will find more information on the subject on the following link