September 9th, 2013


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феміністські посилання

Bully Calls News Anchor Fat, News Anchor Destroys Him On Live TV

Toys "R" Us: Stop Marketing Gender Stereotypes to Our Children

Clinic Doors Shutting on Texas Women

Pro-life groups don't really protect the unborn

Domestic workers' rights treaty becomes reality

Seeing a Woman: A conversation between a father and son

Paid Family Leave in California: All is Not Well

Femen let Victor Svyatski take over because we didn't know how to fight it

"Сірий кардинал" Femen, або Жорстокий чоловік, який стоїть за топлес-протестами

What Happened When My Son Came Out... as Straight

О контроле

Наоми Вульф, Миф о красоте - на русском языке, издательство Альпина Паблишер

Child care provider wages too low

College students cheer sex abuse
A freshman week chant shows how deep rape culture goes

3 Ways I've Treated Women As Outsiders

When Did You First Have To Think About Rape?

Mean Girls, The Starter Edition

On Sunday night, Aminata Touré was named Prime Minister of Senegal

India’s Incredibly Powerful "Abused Goddesses" Campaign Condemns Domestic Violence

Feminism of Hayao Miyazaki and Spirited Away

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Женщины и штанги

Могу ли я себе позволить быть собой?

UK orders review of police response to domestic violence

We Post Nothing About Our Daughter Online

Female genital mutilation: 'Mothers need to say no'

Harvard Business School Case Study: Gender Equity

Найстарша байкерка Німеччини

Dating sites accused of failing to protect women from men with history of abuse
New anti-stalking group has received many calls for help from women who met violent men online

‘Were you wearing a bra?’ Rape accuser at US Naval Academy faces aggressive and withering questioning on the hearing stand

6 Insidious Ways Social Media Can Be Used to Silence Women

Porn Biz Shut Down Again Over Yet Another HIV Case

10 Most Curious Anti-Rape Inventions

Натали Юрберг: миф о гендере

Some girls have been married 60 times by the time they turn 18

In Afghanistan, women and girls strive to get an education

Mystery of the Missing Women in Science

Lincoln Did Not “Free the Slaves” – The Little-known Story of How Feminists Ended Slavery


Джоан Скотт «Отголоски феминизма» (отрывок)

Ивонна Нибилер «Тела и сердца» (отрывок)

Елена Мещерина «Массовые изнасилования как часть военного этоса»

Жорж Дюби и Мишель Перро «Рассказывая историю женщин»

Из Кейт Миллет "Сексуальная политика" (1970 г.), перевод С. Купряшкиной

Дружина Головного командира УПА Наталія Шухевич

Caroline LaBrie, Canadian Jouster.