July 20th, 2014


Dear world community!

Originally posted by dymmar at Dear world community!
Four months ago I tried to explain what is boiling here. Of course I did not really expect anyone to hear me, but one has to say the truth out loud even when there is no one to hear. It helps us people to live on, you know. Since then I lost a friend who fought for Ukraine's independence against Russia and my daughter was born, but the time never stopped ticking.

I told you four months ago to prepare to get fucked, and explained why. You think that the shot down Boeing is this predicted fucking? Hell no. This is but a tender tickling before the real hell breaks loose. You think it is entirely Putin's (or, for that matter, Ukrainian government's) fault? Please recall the annexation of Crimea. Your elected representatives in the European Parliament, in OSCE, in the UN - sent a clear signal to Russia, stating - it is ok to break the international treaties. Huge region, 2 million people strong, was annexed by military force, and what was the answer to that from the international community? Ban to enter for several dozens Russians? Okay, that's cheap, said Russians. Give us double of that. Everyone got the message - "it is ok to use military force, no one gives a fuck". Now we have more and more instability zones and wars spreading. It will get worse.

Also, now we have war in our country, every Ukrainian knows this, the officials are simply afraid to admit it, so you do not know yet. Your 300 lives of civilians for the Russian mercenaries is simply a collateral damage. You want to investigate the warzone? Get ready to get shot at. Re-route your flights elsewhere, pretend not to notice the war couple of more months - keep up the good work, and 300 lives will be forgotten as a minor damage. I am not talking about Ukraine, I know you care little about the lives of some wild Russian colony somewhere far, far away (if you know at all where this is). I am talking about REAL humans, like your neighbors, friends, family. I am talking about tanks and bombs, shellings and shootings. I am talking about war. You think I am mad? Go read what Russian people write on their forums. They have a frenzy. They demand the government to "turn on full Hitler" - to get prepared to nuke the shit out of world for disrespecting Russia. I am not joking. Not some internet trolls write that, no - a well-known editor-in-chief of respectable Moscow Internet media outlet. Yegor Kholmogorov. Typical Russian intelligentsia. And no one says "you are crazy". No, the Russians en masse support the idea. The government will have to take this into account, so no de-escalation is happening.

Stop talking about "sanctions" against Russia. Sanctions will not help, it went too far. At this point, start talking about your armies and your fleets. According to my estimations, you have 2 more months till it starts.