May 20th, 2016


мій коханий чоловік вчора ходив спілкуватися

із американськими студентами, які роблять документалку про Майдан.

ось його враження:

Today, on invitation of @Mariya Yuzych I went to the Mohyla Academy to get interviewed for the U.S. student documentary about the Maidan in 2013-14.

It is, as far as I understand, a student project where they go places and gather data on the grassroot level to bring the participants with their personal stories closer to the audience (students I suppose), to avoid the distortions of the media. A commendable effort and might be a great fact-finding practice.

Sadly for me, the format was probably meant more for people who just answer questions as they are translated by an interpreter back and forth, not for this-person-never-shuts-up guy I turned out to be. Nick, the interviewer, barely asked two questions because I was trying to explain "what caused the Maidan" for American audience who supposedly only heard media reports about big riot in Ukraine - if they heard anything at all.

I also specifically asked about time limit and I was told I can take "as much as I need". I've heard that phrase from foreign over-the-skype journalists during Maidan too, now I know it means exactly one hour. It would be great if interviewers could say that overtly, though, for those not familiar with the jargon - I feel I barely scratched the surface. I especially regret that I did not mention a juicy moment when I met an elderly Ukrainian man from Ohio who came from the U.S. - to live in the tent and support the uprising with his personal savings - I always recall that man when I hear Maidan was financed from abroad.

Also I regret that, after badmouthing several "leaders" of the Maidan stage I did not mentioning our current Parliament Speaker Андрій Парубій who deserved a honorable mention for being both dumb and cowardly - dumb for coming up with idea of "Peaceful March" on February 18, 2014, when he tricked huge masses of protesters into abandoning their sticks and stones and Molotov cocktails and coming to the Parliament unarmed to face an organized attack of riot police and hired thugs ("titushki") that caused massive defeat - it was reverted only by a later desperate night last stand at the central square, and cowardly for feigning heart attack during the night assault to get the hell out of the hotzone. I saw him on the next day - he was good and fresh, so the heart attack probably was just an euphemism for durtying his pants in the decisive moment. You know, when Pyrrhus was wounded during his battle against the Romans, he retreated, and a centurion in the frontline started yelling "Pirrhus is wounded", Pyrrhus returned to the frontlines and killed that centurion before falling back. And Pyrrhus, who was considerd the best strategic military mind of his time, went down to the history as an example of a bad general. I understand that Parubiy is not Pyrrhus (probably not even good enough to be his personal slave tbh), but he could just disappear quietly like the rest of them instead of being a sad shitclown and undermining morale of the few standing defendands in the decisive time.
It disgusts me that this man is our Supreme Commander now in case something happens to Poroshenko.

Now, where was I. Ah, hear this - Akhmetov Charity Foundation funded construction of Media Center in Kyiv Mohyla Academy. When I saw the sign I had an impulse to turn around and never come back. Mohyla University is taking money from Akhmetov to build student center for journalism. It's like a bad joke that escaped into reality. He means to whitewash his image, but I take it more like a discrediting and shameful stain on the University.
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Поехали - 5

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Вот, ravendoe, я же обещала :)

«Старкиллер», орденская база,
Была прелестный уголок -
Там кто-то спутал ноль и фазу
И лучше выдумать не мог:
Щиток искрит, система глючит,
Экран то включит, то отключит,
То где-то кабель силовой
Сгорит в завесе дымовой
Врагам на страх, себе на горе;
То освещение мигнет,
То напряжение скакнет,
То пробки выбьет в коридоре,
То в контуре вода вскипит,
То мачта гнется и скрипит.
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