June 17th, 2016


феміністські посилання

The Rebel Virgins and Desert Mothers Who Have Been Written Out of Christianity's Early History

The First Woman to Publish a Book in English Lived in One Room, Walled Off From Society

Всеукраїнський дівочий табір «Оріяна»


31 Jokes That Are Way Too Real For Anyone Who’s Had A Period
“People who exercise in order to get rid of period cramps are the ones surviving the apocalypse.”


The Illegal Birth Control Handbook That Spread Across College Campuses in 1968
A group of Canadian teenagers wrote the first popular text on contraception.

To Stop Violence, Start at Home

How a 1918 Author Introduced the World to the Concept of Female Pleasure
Married Love by Marie Stopes was revolutionary in its frank depiction of sexuality.

Men who shout sexual abuse at women won't read this article - but they should
A video has shown a woman being catcalled 108 times as she walks through New York streets.

Talking while female: an expert guide to the things you definitely should not say
Recent takedowns of women who say things such as ‘I feel like’ and ‘sorry’ got Arwa Mahdawi thinking: what can they utter? Here’s her handy cheat sheet

In Armenia, gender is geopolitical

Why the silence on the scandal of unpaid child maintenance? Polly Toynbee
The Child Maintenance Service, which is replacing the CSA, isn’t working, with far too many fathers abdicating their responsibilities. And yet there is no outcry

Женщина не должна говорить «Нет»: как общество запрещает тебе отказывать
В нашем обществе не существует культуры отказа. Считается, что сказать «нет» — «неудобно»: неловко, стыдно, а порой даже опасно. Женщина же вообще не имеет на это права: миф «Если женщина говорит „нет“ — она просто кокетничает» почему-то до сих пор жив. Наш автор Анастасия Максимова знает, что с этим делать.

Happy Day of the African Child! We are excited to reveal the ‪#‎GirlsNotBrides‬ anthem to ‪#‎endchildmarriage‬.

Supreme Court Upholds Tribal Court Ruling In Domestic Violence Case

What Works for Women at Work Part 1: Prove It Again - Lean In

УЖФ: жінкам саме час ставати все більш “видимим батальйоном” | Громадський простір