June 19th, 2016


поет в нас, як відомо, більше, ніж поет


золото в світі Підземель і драконів

Teresa Elms

Dungeons and Dragons has interesting analogs with real life, with Wall Street and Main Street. Each player character must have a budget in gold to buy gear and purchase spell ingredients and pay bills at the inn. Gold also has political dimensions in the game. It regulates the balance of power among players. So I have been inspired by both the plot of the game and by game mechanics to Occupy the Dungeon.Collapse )
And that's exactly my point. The game needs to be changed so that the two noble characters are not the only players with money. Even in a game of pretend, wealth inequality on this scale breaks the game.
Occupy the Dungeon, anyone?

в золотих тамаринів дітьми займаються тати

а до мами вони їх приносять лише погодуватися.
чоловіки-хуманси, будьте розумними і турботливими, як самці тамарини!
а якщо ви при цьому будете такими ж пухнастими і кавайними -- всім буде лише краще :)