June 24th, 2016


Never! No more!

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Private prisons are an abomination unto the law.

Everyone should read this incredible piece of real journalism.

It's long, but so worth it. Now some cartoons (and a graph or 2):

Thank Goodness they are not everywhere! But they are being pushed, by rich interests who believe they can capitalize on incarceration.

How does the privatization of our prisons benefit these rich interests who bid to perform a needed public service (running of prisons) at a lower cost? They exploit labor.

[not pictured--non-incarcerated laborers at the for-profit prisons who are also exploited]

Now, you might argue that The State does this too. And I'm not sure I would argue. But let's set that aside for now. More on point, The State is complicit in another way:

This is something of a recent development. Within my lifetime. Maybe yours too.

This is a very bad thing, and it very much must be stopped dead in it's tracks.

Never! No more!

Public laws enacted by public servants enforced by public police should be carried out by the public--not for a profit of shareholders, but for the profit of society. We want rehabilitation--not record profits. Rehabilitation isn't always possible, but it is always impossible when the goal is private money, not social well being.

This series of cartoons has been a justification to share this piece of writing.


It's long, and it's powerful, and if I was a slightly richer man I would have donated $27 to them to support such fine writing--and frankly, dangerous work. $9/hour is an insult when you're working in a place where stabbings occur regularly.

Bravo to Shane Bauer. And shame on any politician who believes the profit-motive comes before the public-motive.