February 7th, 2017


з історії жіночого руху в Україні

для прояснення контексту -- чому на заході боролися за право голосу, а у нас за освіту?
бо на заході в чоловіків право голосу було з початку 19 століття -- а в Російській імперії право голосу було лише в дворянства (і лише в чоловіків). а освіта давала жінкам з усіх верств населення можливість заробляти собі на життя не копійки -- як у промисловості чи в услужінні. і на які жертви ті жінки лише не йшли заради тієї освіти...

як боротися з проституцією? навчити чоловіків бути людьми

велика пізнавальна стаття

Peter does nothing to hide his position or his ideas about how best to combat prostitution—notions that stem from years of working with men and women on both sides of the sex trade. In an age when new ideas are flourishing about the role of sex work in society, Peter stands apart from those who'd like to decriminalize it; he disagrees with activists who argue that regulating prostitution can make it safer. To Peter, decriminalizing sex work won't strip it of its danger and its tendency toward exploitation. He'd like to see more johns prosecuted for buying sex, but also new attention paid to preventing it.

проституція посутньо є формою насильства. жодна легалізація це не виправляє.

Prostitution is ontologically a form of violence. It feeds on violence and in turn amplifies it. Abduction, rape, submission - there are submission camps in a number of European countries, not only in the Balkans and in Central Europe, but also in Italy, where submission is called "schooling" - terror and murder are still the midwives and outriders of this industry ; they are essentially not only for market development, but also for the "manufacture" of the "goods" as they contribute to making prostituted people "functional" - this industry demands total availability of the body. A study of street prostituted people in England established that 87% of them had been victims of violence during the past 12 months ; 43% were suffering the consequences of serious physical abuse. (4) A research study in Chicago showed that 21.4% of women working as escorts and exotic dancers had been raped more than 10 times. An American study in Minneapolis showed that 78% of prostituted people had been victims of rape by pimps and customers, on average, 49 times a year. 49% had been the victims of abduction and had been transported from one state to another and 27% had been mutilated. (5) I could multiply the data generated by field studies.