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Mary Xmas: Бо я давно не вірю в силу слова
свобода, равенство, сестринство
March 8th, 2019 
A call to feminists to remember the history and sex-based nature of women’s oppression

This article can be read in German here, and in Spanish here. The real brilliance of patriarchy… it doesn’t just naturalise oppression. It sexualises acts of oppression. It eroticises d…

Posted by Марія Дмитрієва on 8 Бер 2019, 20:33

230 feminist organizations worth supporting in Europe

If you want to focus your donations on local initiatives around Europe -- especially those that help women -- our team of writers have come together to create this list for you.

Posted by Марія Дмитрієва on 8 Бер 2019, 20:43

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