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Mary Xmas: Бо я давно не вірю в силу слова
свобода, равенство, сестринство
September 10th, 2019 
заява німецьких соціал-демократів стосовно необхідності прийняти Шведську модель

translation by Inge Kleine of the CDU/CSU statement:
Effectively combat human trafficking
Criminalizing prostitution for buyers
Responding to the considerations from the SPD parliamentary group to make the provision of sexual services punishable for the buyers, but to leave the prostitutes themselves unpunished ("Nordic model") the deputy chairman of the CDU / CSU parliamentary group, Thorsten Frei and the Rights and Consumer Policy Spokeswoman of the CDU / CSU parliamentary group, Elisabeth Winkelmeier-Becker declare:
Thorsten Frei: "In reality, prostitution means for many women that they are attracted under false pretenses, exploited and abused for years in the most serious ways. That is why we are committed to adopting the "Nordic model" in Germany as well, because according to this, the buyers, but not the prostitutes, are liable to prosecution. Numerous European countries - Sweden, Norway, Iceland, France, Ireland and Northern Ireland - are already using this model. We must ensure that the rug is pulled from degrading services such as sexual flat rates. We want to effectively continue the fight against forced prostitution and trafficking started in the past legislative period without criminalizing the prostitutes themselves. For this, we will approach our coalition partner, from whose ranks this proposal has been made, and hope that they support this project."
Elisabeth Winkelmeier-Becker: "Self-determined prostitution is the exception. In many cases, prostitutes are sexually exploited in unimaginable ways. We are also affected as a society when for many men the image of women is dominated by commercialized sex. It is therefore necessary that we come to a paradigm shift. Germany can not be the brothel of Europe."
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