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хана Токіо від Студії Гіблі

First live-action monster movie movie from the minds of Studio Ghibli

Some of the best monster makers in the business have put together one amazing short, Giant God Warrior Appears In Tokyo (Kyōshinhei Tokyo ni Arawaru) — which also happens to be a live-action film from Studio Ghibli!

Director Higuchi Shinji is known for his work animating on the Neon Genesis Evangelion series. The project itself was commissioned by Anno Hideaki, director of the Evangelion series and key animator on Miyazaki Hayao's Nausicaa Of The Valley Of The Wind, for the Tokusatsu Special Effects Museum in Tokyo. And as Twitch Film has pointed out, Miyazaki himself provided the design for the giant warrior beast we see here. creature. Thus making this the first live action short to come out of the Studio Ghibli brain trust.

перші дві хвилини дівчина щось медитативно розповіда японською, а потім потроху починається.
Tags: io9, ролики
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