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у підлітковому віці Меггі Дойн відкладала гроші, зароблені сидінням з чужими дітьми, і коли їй було 19, всі зароблені 5 тисяч доларів вона витратила на те, щоб створити притулок для сиріт у Непалі. тепер їй 26 і в неї в притулку 40 дітей, якими вона опікується. при притулку працює школа (яку теж створила вона).

історія анлійською під катом

If you’ve never heard Maggie Doyne's amazing story, prepare to be inspired! In 2006, the adventurous 19-year-old New Jersey-native used $5000 saved from years of babysitting to open an orphanage in Surkhet, Nepal after seeing the plight facing children there after the Nepalese Civil War. Today, at 26, Maggie is the “mother” and legal guardian of 40 children and has also built a K - 8 school that currently educates 340 students.

Just this past June, as she discusses in a recent Daily Beast article, Maggie launched her newest project -- a women’s center for the Kopila Valley where her school is located. Doyne has formed a foundation, BlinkNow, to help support the Kopila Valley Children’s Home and School, and she notes that donors and volunteers have been critical to making it a success. While Doyne knows that her path have been unconventional, it's certainly been the right choice for her: "I wake up every day saying ‘I love my job.,’ That’s my message for young people, especially for young women: do what you love and what makes you feel good.”

To learn how to support Doyne's incredible work, visit her foundation's website

To read more about Doyne in the Daily Beast, visit this site or check out this photo spread. This terrific comic by Michelle Christensen also celebrates the amazing achievements of this one determined young woman, and challenges its readers to go out and find their own way to change the world (and it’s a great one to share with kids!):

For books starring Mighty Girls that celebrate the values of generosity and charity, visit this site

For books that explore the challenges faced by many girls living in poverty worldwide, visit this site.

And, for more role models to inspire your kids, visit our collection of nearly 400 biographies of remarkable girls and women here
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