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​11 Insane Things You Didn't Know About Santa Claus

We all know Santa's sleigh is pulled by eight flying reindeer (and that's a pretty insane aspect of Santa, if you stop and think about it). But these reindeer come from the Germanic conflation of Odin of the Norse gods with the historical St. Nicholas, encouraged by early Christians trying to convert the heathens. The winter solstice was a magic time for the Germanic peoples called Yule, in which Odin led "The Wild Hunt": Kids would leave out food for Odin's flying, eight-legged horse Sleipnir, and Odin would put candy and treats in place of the food. After that, Saint Nicholas was supposed to have had a flying horse when he delivered gifts, and at some point the eight legs of Sleipnir inspired Santa's eight flying reindeer

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The only reason Santa wears red and white because the Coca-Cola company tells him to. Prior to 1931, Santa dressed in any color he linked — blue, green, brown, mauve, whatever. In 1931, though, Coca-Cola issued a massive ad campaign that featured Santa in Coke's red and white colors, and the damn thing was so prevalent that it effectively locked Santa's fashion down from that point on

і картинки на ілюстрацію різнобарвних святих Миколаїв / Санта-Клаусів:

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