Mary Xmas (maryxmas) wrote,
Mary Xmas

To European and American Great Concerners

Український Щитоносець
To Whom It May Concern (To European and American Great Concerners)

We are deeply concerned about your precious concern on every occasion when you feel like being concerned about countless alarming events, which have been taking place in Ukraine.

Still there is a flip side of your repetitive reaction that is triggered whenever yet another threat to democracy comes about in Ukraine. As concerned as you may seem to yourself, you in fact hardly are from the perspective of the Ukrainians who are facing the ongoing endangering of internal situation.

We no longer need your moral support, as it sounds rather annoying and vastly disproportional to the scale of the problem we are dealing with nowadays. It is all about action for us now, rather than hollow diplomatic rituals that progressively diminish our belief in your true concern over democracy in the world.

We are still alive and fighting and we really hope that your efficient and forceful concern is under way. We believe that Europe and America can throw their weight of word and action behind the plan to stop dismantling of democracy in Ukraine.
Tags: політика

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