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Just doing our jobs, or wtf is happening in Ukraine?

Originally posted by dymmar at Just doing our jobs, or wtf is happening in Ukraine?
I mentioned in my diary that I recently was interviewed by Blaze TV on-site. Two days ago they kindly gave me a link to the product -- supposedly a documentary. I could not download it (it is a paid channel), but i watched it carefully. Well, folks, it was not a documentary, it was a Hollywood-style movie, although starring actual real people. This movie was not a lie, I admit, but it was not truth, either. The emphasis on people shot, politicians speaking, priests praying, Molotovs flying and barricades burning sells well, but it does not tell the story. And the story here should be - "wtf is happening here and why?" I do not think your average Joe will walk away after this with a clear answer to these questions.

Do not get me wrong - I understand that journalists are just making their story for you. And they are using the pictures and soundbites to tell it, to capture the audience. That's their job. They are doing their job very well. They get money for it. They are worth their money, it will sell. But will it tell people the truth? Hardly. Truth is boring. Instead, give us explosions, melee combat, burning people and screams! And the TV journalists comply first - they need a good picture, not the truth. If not explosions, at least show us important people saying nice words (although this is boring, it will make us feel smart, too). Well, this ends up being very wrong in this case. See, the heroes of these events we had here in Ukraine were not "important people".

In fact, all important people fucked up. Yanukovuch fucked up, everyone knows this, all right. But our Ukrainian opposition fucked up, too! The European leaders fucked up by failing to take any effective measures to manage the situation. The U.S. Government fucked up by allowing Putin to fuck up the Budapest Memorandum. Putin (as we will see later) fucked up himself by sticking his hands into the bloody mess he cannot back away from.

The heroes of these events here in Ukraine were common people like you. The professional journalists will not tell you this, guys, for several reasons. First, they think you are stupid and you have an attention span of 3 minutes max. So if you read this shit this far, you pass. Second, they think you need a compelling story more than you need a true story. Third, they do not really want to deal with common people. Common people are a nuisance. Hard to catch. They do not make sense. They can hardly say a few words on-camera. Most importantly, to get the truth out of them, you have to talk to many, and they all have different opinions (what a mess!). So it is difficult to get the core of truth out of them, it is easier to ask a politician who will eloquently draw a nice believable picture, in which the said politician is a hero. So, telling truth is a hard job that does not really pay well for the journalists. They'll get more for showing blood, fire and dying people.

I am not a journalist. I do not get any money for publishing this, so I can try to tell you the rough and dull truth as I see it, in the words that you hopefully will understand. It will not be pretty, though, for pretty stuff please go ask professionals. Also, I cannot give you many details here because you will get bored as hell.

First, as I told you, all politicians fucked up. When our police units were ordered to storm the Maidan, the square where the Ukrainian people were demanding justice for months through cold winter (because our government was so corrupt, spoiled and fucked us so hard you will not believe if I tell you), all our politicians who were pretending to lead the people, fled. All of them! Guys and gals, I shit you not. I was fighting the cops all night, and common guys and gals like me were with me, but the fucking politicians who now sit in the government, they fled. They thought we are done. Now, I do not really blame the cops. The cops were just doing their jobs. They are professionals, right? When they are told to crack down the rally they crack down the rally, no questions asked. Only in this case they couldn't. They thought they met really scary fighters trained by CIA, but in reality they faced just desperate people who did not want their country to turn into a prison. So in the end the professionals lost. Of course, most corpses and wounded were on the side of us amateurs. When the cops ran away, the politicians returned, praised us and took the power, with some nods to the "crowd" as they call us people. Now we try to watch these sleazy bastards close, because they want to do their shit again, and fuck us instead of fighting corruption and establishing a fair system of justice.

Now this is the place where international politics come to the scene. It's hard, so brace yourselves. Here's the international politics in essence - there are two kinds of countries in the world - countries like Russia and the U.S. that want to fuck everyone, and countries like Ukraine and Switzerland that want everyone to fuck off. Switzerland was lucky, as it is surrounded by mountains. Ukraine was not, so the Russians fucked us and made us a part of their Empire, and even seduced some of us with the beauty of fucking everyone. So, we tried to have our separate life, fighting the pro-Russian government that wanted to fuck us and join Russia. When we succeeded in this, the Russians could not forgive. They attacked when we were very weak, unprepared because of the revolution. They branded us Nazi and told everyone we Ukrainians are crazy monkeys (some of you might believe this - they showed pictures!). They violated all international treaties (20 years ago Ukraine gave up its nukes -- world's third largest arsenal -- inherited from the USSR in exchange to guarantees of safety from the U.S., the U.K., and Russia). They instigated separatist revolts, brought in their people through the borders, used propaganda to play the fear of "chaos" brought by the revolution, and brought in their troops and their tanks "to protect the Russian people" (the people here who follow "we will fuck you all" doctrine and people who came from Russia through the border). In fact, they conquered Crimea. They wanted our military to fight them, but Ukrainian soldiers knew how it would end up (see the Georgian war 2008 for details) and just told them to fuck off, completely following the doctrine of our country. Well, of course, they did not fuck off, because the U.S. and the U.K. chickened out. They want to fuck everyone, not to get fucked, you know. So we lost Crimea.

My guess, this shit will go on, as Russians understood now that they can fuck everyone and no one will dare to fuck them because everyone is a wuss. So sooner or later this will cause big problems for you guys, because this is not the end of the story until the Russians are stopped. As they now have their national "we can fuck anyone, yeah, let's do this" frenzy, I expect you to hear about how it continues soon enough. Now, thank you for reading this, you can go back to doing your jobs and watching your news where your politicians will tell you how smart they are for not provoking the aggressor. Also, prepare to get fucked, and have a nice day!
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