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і ще одна студентка з питаннями про жіночий рух в Україні -- і мої відповіді на ці питання

- Have you experienced, if at all, that the possibilities and conditions for working with questions concerning feminism and equal rights have changed the last 10 years?

there are fewer local and international donors interested in promotion of gender equality and women's rights and grants are significantly harder to get, especially for budding organizations.
on the other hand, there is legislation on equal rights and more efforts are spent at institutialization of gender mainstreaming, like gender budgeting. these efforts are spearheaded by NGOs and supported by local authorities.
there are much more people aware of the gender issues but the general level of understanding is still pretty low, and most people claiming (and working as) to be gender experts are ignorant, biased and afraid of the very word 'feminism'.
so the situation as such is not worse or better, it is different.

- Has it changed more lately (2yrs, 1yr, 6 months?)

no, it was a gradual change.

- Do you believe the official view on feminism or equal rights within the countries population have changed over this period?

not much. with Femen in and out of the picture people now believe that feminists run around bare-breasted. so, old stereotypes were replaced with new stereotypes.

- Has the support and/or the interest from rulers and people of positions with power changed over the last 10 years?

no, they express as little interest as ever.
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