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а тим часом одностатеві шлюби просуваються

Originally posted by moonshaz at post
So this happened:

The End Game for Marriage Equality Is Here

From the above link: "The U.S. Supreme Court has just announced that it will hear freedom-to-marry cases in all four states in the Sixth Circuit: Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee and Michigan."

And it looks like this situation may soon be a thing of the past:

Or it will be, as long as the court makes a ruling that is fair and balanced:

The ball is in your court now, Supremes!

Don't bother trying to play dumb, because it won't do you any good.

You know that there's no point in trying to stem the tide at this stage of the game.

It's time to grant equal marriage rights to ALL Americans.

Of course, some members of the Court may not agree.

And one in particular may present some problems.

But that shouldn't deter the majority from making the right decision.

Thanks in advance from The LGBT community and their allies!

Tags: права людини

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