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феміністські посилання

Історія від волонтера: незряча бабуся вʼяже рукавчики солдатам

Женщины-воины — секретное оружие Украины - Секретный фронт, 19.08

Блог мами: немовля у Верховній Раді

First Look: Sandra Bullock stars in 'Our Brand Is Crisis'

Американка придумала, как с помощью книги можно очищать воду

Научное: абьюз вредит здоровью и укорачивает жить на клеточном уровне

Amnesty International: Not in Our Name

Not All Men? Well, actually…

Study: Lack of breastfeeding costs lives, billions of dollars

Mexican state known for gender-based violence issues emergency alert
Edomex authorities obligated to delve into causes of violence against women in state where thousands have disappeared or been murdered in past decade

Women Speak Drastically Less When They're Surrounded by Dudes. And That's Bad.

How Being in an All-Girls’ D&D Group Reminds Me that Femininity and Feminism Can Coexist in Harmony

Shekhar Kapur to Direct a Cleopatra Series That Might Not Think of the Men

6 Quotes That Prove Morticia Addams Is a Feminist Queen Who Has It All

We Re-Created Women’s Swimsuit Ads And This Is What Happened

В «ДНР» эпидемия ВИЧ, на подходе эпидемия сифилиса - источник

You're Competent, Now Get Confident

Free ‪#‎GBV‬ course: Confronting Gender Based Violence: Global Lessons with Case Studies from India

Why don't we remember Dirty Dancing as the feminist, sex-positive, pro-women's rights film it is?

Феминистка покруче, чем ты. Прощай, изнурительный бой за правильный феминизм

Почему за большую грудь меньше платят

Европейская киноиндустрия приняла декларацию о женщинах

Гордон проиграл в суде феминисткам и может пойти по 282 статье

Насильники в мужских журналах

«Вагина» Наоми Вульф: феминизм сбрасывает брюки
В издательcтве «Альпина нон-фикшн» выходит книга американской писательницы Наоми Вульф об истории женской сексуальности. Елена Ванина увидела в ней новое лицо феминизма.

Секс-индустрия атакует феминизм

Детдомовцы наиболее подвержены трудовому и сексуальному рабству

Are Women Human?

Gloria Steinem Says Black Women 'Invented The Feminist Movement'

Wonder Woman Officiates Her First Gay Wedding
One of the most iconic characters in the world is embracing marriage equality.

Call to raise female aspirations and promote equality

6 Celebrity Teens Who Have Spoken Up for Gender Equality

Wheels of Change: How The Bicycle Empowered Women

Как рекламисты по всему миру борются за права женщин

Unhappy Trails: Female Truckers Say They Faced Rape and Abuse in Troubled Training Program

Study: Condoms Aren't the Problem, Your Dick Is

An open letter to Amnesty International from an Indigenous woman

New Study Shows That Films Made By Women Have Better Female Characters
An analysis shows that films with even one woman on the writing team makes a big difference.

Five films about female sexuality we're looking forward to this year

There’s A Taxi Service For Women In Mumbai Run By Female Martial Artists

Shocking Numbers Behind the US’s Exploding Women Prisoner Population

Первая в мире стюардесса, или Как в гражданской авиации появилась новая профессия

Why is India dragging its heels over the criminalisation of marital rape?
KumKum Dasgupta
Marital rape has belatedly registered on India’s political radar, but efforts to outlaw it have been hampered by discrimination and government resistance

Welcome to Paradise
When Germany legalised prostitution in 2002 it triggered an apparently unstoppable growth in the country’s sex industry. It’s now worth 15 billion euros a year and embraces everything from 12-storey mega-brothels to outdoor sex boxes. Nisha Lilia Diu visits some of them to find out who won and who lost

Amnesty prostitution ruling is heartless: Mallick
The decision to back decriminalization has many Amnesty supporters, from film stars to feminists to prostitutes, reeling.

The Porn Industry Is Abusive, and These Women Are Telling It Like It Is

Rebel Girls: 95 Photos of Feminists From Around the World

Современные неандертальцы: развенчание мифа о "естественности" изнасилований
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