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феміністські посилання

Киев вошел в число самых пораженных ВИЧ-инфекцией городов мира

Знову поцупила з фейсбуку Луче Чучхе


New York City School Gets First Free Tampon Dispenser

Women in late medieval fencing manuals

Older feminists aren’t the only ones who ‘lose their way’

Egypt - Release of human rights defender Yara Sallam

Two Indigenous Solar Engineers Changed Their Village in Chile

Urgent action needed to combat online violence against women and girls, says new UN report

An estimated 73 per cent of women have already been exposed to, or have experienced, some form of online violence.
Women in the age range of 18 to 24 are uniquely likely to experience stalking and sexual harassment in addition to physical threats.
Nine million women in the European Union’s 28 countries alone have experienced online violence as young as 15 years old.
One in five female Internet users live in countries where harassment and abuse of women online is extremely unlikely to be punished.

Toy company teaches girls about their periods with mini menstrual pads for dolls

23 Gendered Products That Prove How Truly Fragile Masculinity Is

If Disney Movies Were Way More Accurate And Badass

Planned Parenthood Explains "Yes Means Yes" in 4 Short Videos

У декрет назавжди

What you really, really want
Women perceive more conflicts than men do between promotion and other goals

Lena Dunham asks Hillary Clinton: are you a feminist? 'Yes, absolutely'
Girls creator sits down with Democratic frontrunner and the two discuss why anyone who believes in equal rights is a feminist

График дня. Как влияет на экономику разных стран гендерное неравенство

О потреблении

In Texas, Girls Get Longer Sentences Than Boys

Great Moments in Menstrual History

Разговор с подростком о сексе

Кутюрье из России, которая шила наряды и крестьянкам, и императрицам

Проституция в Киеве: первый «легалайз»
Андрій Манчук
Cегодняшний Киев только возвращает себе старую репутацию признанного центра секс-бизнеса

If you think decriminalisation will make prostitution safe, look at Germany's mega brothels

Unprotected: How Legalizing Prostitution Has Failed

Мужчины на хозяйстве

Children don't ruin women's careers — husbands do, Harvard study finds

3 AK-47-wielding women reportedly decimate ISIS militants

Navy Seals prepare to welcome women to combat roles

Снижение уровня насилия при применении шведской модели: почему молчат СМИ?

Мелисса Фарлей «Декриминализация проституции – магнит для сутенеров и клиентов»

Криминолог о проституции: «Это насилие и жизнь в аду»

Женская мизогиния: Что заставляет нас презирать свой пол
Разбираемся в стремлении дистанцироваться от других женщин

Мышцемания: жертвы бигорексии на фото выглядят устрашающе

Портреты филиппинок, оказавшихся на улице после закрытия приюта для лесбиянок

241 women and children rescued from Boko Haram, Nigeria says

Global goals on women's rights are a pale imitation of promises made in Beijing
The sustainable development goal on gender has been widely hailed, yet its pledges fall far short of those made in the 1995 Beijing declaration

“Paid For: My Journey Through Prostitution”
A book by Rachel Moran

Brazilian mugger pleads for 'daddy' after trying to rob professional female MMA fighter
Street robber pleads for mercy after trying to mug jiu-jitsu champion who puts him in 'lion killer' headlock

шматочок шоколаду

San Francisco Supervisors Vote to Approve Memorial to WWII 'Comfort Women'

How did you get that job: deputy administrator of NASA

Experts warn of “ever-increasing tide” of transwomen sex offenders

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