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феміністські посилання

16 Днів Активних Дій Проти Ґендерного Насильства-2015

Girls: The Missing Reality of the European Refugee Crisis

первая книга, рассказывающая о двух женщинах-первопроходках, о британской феминистке Мэри Воллстонкрафт и о ее дочери, Мэри Шелли, авторке "Франкенштейна".

Why Feminism Still Needs To Be Called Feminism

Male/female brain differences? Big data says not so much

Badass Historical Chemists: The Woman Behind Antoine Lavoisier

Street Harassment: An Issue for Planners?

WV native, NASA mathematician to receive Presidential Medal of Freedom

Human trafficking survivor: I was raped 43,200 times

Забытые и обойденные. 8 женщин, двигавших науку вперед


Albert Einstein's Big Idea Nova

Meet Haben Girma, Harvard Law’s first deaf-blind graduate

Prostitution — it isn't 'Pretty Woman'

У київському музеї відкрито виставку Лесі Падун "Кераміка: рефлексії тілесності"

Letter from sex trade survivor Tanja Rahm to all her johns

Religious Sisters Pose As Prostitutes To Rescue Trafficking Victims From Brothels
The low-key network of 1,100 sisters currently operates in 80 countries.

Everybody in dresses: Why does gender neutral clothing always mean ‘boy’ clothes for girls?
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