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феміністські посилання

Секрет Мадины: как девушка с ограниченными возможностями смогла зайти так далеко? –

Чому «Квартал 95» – це не смішно
Пупком на нетолерантному й сексистському тілі українських медіа є, безсумнівно, «Квартал 95». Жарти (точніше кажучи, сарказм) про жінок, геїв та навіть людей із вадами слуху примітивні й жорстокі


Why I will no longer speak on all-male panels
The next time you are attending a conference and listening to yet another all male panel, ask them ‘Why?’

Why Does Hollywood Keep Disrespecting Melissa McCarthy?

'Monsters look normal': Mother details how her Navy Veteran husband sexually abused her teen daughter in heart-wrenching video to warn others about the 'predators we trust with our kids every day'

It’s a “blow job” because it’s work: How guys push women to make oral sex as common as shaking hands
How oral sex became a teen's workaround, a path to popularity -- but rarely the road to reciprocated pleasure

'Girls & Sex' And The Importance Of Talking To Young Women About Pleasure

Ландшафты дискриминации в Украине: гендер и пол

Толковая статья от Юлии Рублевой о том, как научиться отвечать на неудобные вопросы и установить личные границы.

Where the Abused, and Their Pets, Can Be Safe

People with disabilities raped, beaten, neglected while in care, hearing told

I Got Naked For The Camera Because Fat Bodies Need To Be Seen

Woman tells family violence inquiry she was sent home to husband who raped her
Domestic violence survivor says she was sent from hospital into the care of her husband after she told doctors she had tried to kill herself because of his abuse

Gynocide: The Holocaust of Women

Sarah Andersen. Adulthood is a Myth
Свершилось чудо: буквально через месяц после выхода в оригинале эта чудесная книжечка вышла на моём родном языке - на украинском.

Sex work may be universal, but it says something important about our culture.

I won't be referred to as 'non-male' by the Green Party while women still suffer prejudice because of our female bodies
It’s important to remember that when women were denied the vote, they were denied it because they were biologically women – regardless of their gender identity or whether they were gender-conforming

Conservatives Fuming Over HBO Movie Critical Of Clarence Thomas

Галичанка “міс Україна” була найкращим мандрівним репортером Європи у міжвоєнний час

Fact: Prostitution is inherently violent

Печальная история советской Одри Хепберн: чем поплатилась манекенщица Лека Миронова за отказ от эскорт-услуг и съемок ню для ЦК

Assault on the Subway: What Can a Bystander Do?
There are ways to intervene that don't involve putting yourself in danger.

Exactly how male gamers react when they are forced to play female characters

The Nordic Model is not de facto criminalization

This is how a lifetime of potentially dangerous situations affects every woman.

Breast Implants: The Ticking Time Bomb In Millions Of Women’s Bodies

Mammograms Cause Cancer

Germany trafficking: Mass police raid on Berlin mega-brothel

I didn’t understand rape culture until I was attacked

Since my attempted rape I’ve had people say all manner of stupid things about my experience. None of them thought they were being insensitive and that’s the problem

Female Artists Are (Finally) Getting Their Turn


Confirmation 2016 (TV-Movie)
Starring Kerry Washington, Wendell Pierce and Greg Kinnear, Confirmation takes a look behind the curtain of Washington politics, depicting the explosive 1991 Clarence Thomas Supreme Court nomination hearings where Anita Hill accused him of sexual harassment. The hearings brought the country to a standstill and became a pivotal moment in American culture forever changing how we perceive and experience workplace equality and gender politics. Rick Famuyiwa directs a script written by Susannah Grant.

Insults and rape threats. Writers shouldn’t have to deal with this
Jessica Valenti
I‘m the Guardian contributor most targeted online. We have to stop the harassment so many women face

Франция: Мари де Севинье

How Anita Hill’s Story Sparked A Movement For Women In Politics
“This is about creating change,” said Kerry Washington, who stars as Hill in the new film “Confirmation.”

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