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феміністські посилання

Guest writer Meghan Murphy: "consensual" prostitution reinforces oppressive systems

The Woman Who Discovered DNA's Double Helix May Get a Much-Deserved Biopic

Жизнь и смерть под куполом цирка: трагическая история клоунессы Ириски

The Fascinating Evolution of Brogramming And The Fight To Get Women Back
In the 1960s women made up about 50% of all computer programmers, so what happened?

The quiet revolutionary: How the co-discovery of CRISPR explosively changed Emmanuelle Charpentier’s life
The microbiologist spent years moving labs and relishing solitude. Then her work on gene-editing thrust her into the scientific spotlight.

Japanese women forced to perform in porn after being conned by fake modelling contracts, say campaigners
Lawyers and campaigners say at least one woman has killed herself after becoming a victim of the con

Human trafficking of Chinese women

Sexism in adverts to be investigated by Advertising Standards Authority
Members of the public and interested organisations are invited to submit evidence as part of a wider probe into sexism in advertising

Female employees save their companies millions on travel

Trauma, torture for sex-trafficked Syrians in Lebanon

Why child trafficking has increased since the 2015 Nepal earthquake

Vietnamese girls smuggled into China and sold as child brides

Rape culture: what makes a boy a man?
We need to change the mindset of boys and young men to put a stop to rape culture.

Let’s Stop Referring to Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault as ‘Women’s Issues’

What Vasalgel Means For Feminism

These Bedtime Stories Trade Princesses For Women Who Changed The World
Not a damsel in distress in sight.

Gender Inequality Plagues Europe’s Film Industry on Comparable Scale With Hollywood (Study)

Коммерческий секс – проституция или «карма»? Этические трансформации образа матери на постсоветском телеэкране

The ‘Women’s Card’? We Measured, and It’s Not Worth Much

Elisabeth Moss Is Starring in Hulu's Adaptation of The Handmaid's Tale

Where’s My Cut?”: On Unpaid Emotional Labor

Even When They Don’t Have Jobs, Men Do Less Housework Than Women

Imagine a menu of emotional labor: Acknowledge your thirsty posturing, $50. Pretend to find you fascinating, $100. Soothe your ego so you don’t get angry, $150. Smile hollowly while you make a worse version of their joke, $200. Explain 101-level feminism to you like you’re five years old, $300. Listen to your rant about “bitches,” $infinity.

На всю русскую литературу только две женщины и те, почему-то голые.

Феминизм - движение против человеческих страданий

‘Is it normal to have sex when you don't want to?’: Shockingly, there are many women who don’t know the answer, says a writer campaigning to put them right

Police Criticize BYU Investigations Into Sex Assault Victims

Report of NAWO’s “Europe Free from Prostitution” event


Какое вам дело до моего возраста?
Жительница Монреаля Анник Робинсон опубликовала в фейсбуке свою фотографию после разговора с продавцом косметики в аэропорту Калгари. И стала героиней десятков тысяч репостов. Вот этот диалог, по-моему, — браво!

О женской литературе и отношении к оной.

'Tallulah' Producer Says Executives Told Her Stories About Women Were Not 'Commercially Viable'

Нужен кто-то сильный, чтоб сделать кого-то сильным

Увидел тут ссылку на советы «имидж-коуча» (какой-то дамы, естественно), как правильно одеваться женщинам «за 40».

The black women graduates of the United States Military Academy at West Point's Class of 2016.

Женщина? Рожай, ты инкубатор, а не человек и личность.

Young Adults Want Gender Equality — They Just Don't Want to Identify as Feminists

New Backlash
Saying no to penis is not hate speech.

Интереснейшая статья о сестрах Жданко - Ерминии, первой в мире женщине-полярнице (1891-1914?); Ирине, художнице и графике (1905-1999); Татьяне (1909-2007), крупнейшем ученом-этнографе, лаурете Государственной премии.

Вам пакет точно потрібний? Еко-життя на одному прикладі

Саманта, русалка з Бачки та сербська патріотка України

Nordic Model key to beating exploitation of sex workers

Working in a New Zealand brothel was anything but ‘a job like any other’
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