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Mary Xmas: Бо я давно не вірю в силу слова
свобода, равенство, сестринство
слушна цитата 
4th-May-2016 03:54 pm
Anyhoo. Because women are (supposedly) weak, overly emotional, submissive, incapable of figuring things out or building things, we (supposedly) must find men to 1) defend us (from other men, who are naturally aggressive - what a convenient protection racket) and 2) provide for our material needs.

Of course, women are quite capable of taking care of ourselves. Women of the lower economic classes have always worked, including in physically demanding jobs. And there is nothing in our "nature" to prevent women from organizing ourselves, and/or training with size-equalizing weaponry (not to mention simple crotch-punching). This is why we must be socialized into submissiveness and dependency from birth.

Because we must (supposedly) find men to defend and provide for us, we must advertise ourselves for male attention, and then build a bond through emotional, domestic and sexual service, and not break that bond by being uppity.

Because we (supposedly) must always maintain our value to men in order to be safe, we must always view ourselves through the "male gaze" instead of our own. And because we must remain appealing to men and because men are (supposedly) naturally aggressive we might well be raped and that will just be the way of the world.

Because female people already do the work of growing a fetus, birthing a baby, and breastfeeding an infant, we (supposedly) must also be responsible for all the other work associated with child rearing. (One might think it more sensible/fair to divvy labor.)
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