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Жінки в Україні заробляють на третину менше, ніж чоловіки - Держстат сьогодні 15:39493
У І кварталі 2016 року середня зарплата штатного працівника-чоловіка складала 5379 грн, штатного працівника-жінки – 3966 грн, тобто менше на 1400 грн або третину.

Роботодавці в Україні дискримінують глухих
Через особливі програми навчання випускники інтернатів для глухих не можуть скласти ЗНО та вступати до університетів: пояснює Марія Андрієнко, представниця Українського товариства глухих

Female-named hurricanes kill more than male hurricanes because people don’t respect them, study finds

Dr. Jane Goodall releases a rehabbed chimp back into the wild, but not before the chimp does this...

Telling the Brutal Story of Abortion Bans Around the World

Френдлентой занесло в сосновый лес Контакта, а там - СЕМЕЙНАЯ ШКОЛА ЦЕЛОМУДРИЯ И НРАВСТВЕННО-ЭСТЕТИЧЕСКОГО РАЗВИТИЯ ДЕВОЧЕК "Я ЛЕДИ". Серьёзный замах:

Winnemem Wintu Tribe
In the summer of 2006, Marine Sisk was the first to have a Balas Chonas after 85 years. The Balas Chonas, or Coming of Age ceremony, is where a girl is transitioning into a young woman.
Throughout the past ten years, we have held five ceremonies for seven young girls.
We prepare for another ceremony this June.
If the Shasta Dam is raised, Puberty Rock, (where the ceremony is held) would be flooded, and we would no longer be able to continue this ceremony for our young girls to come.

и вообще у жены работа нервная, ответственная, а ты нихрена не делаешь, докучаешь и дома бардак, а про депрессию все выдумываешь, все проблемы у мужиков от лени и распущенности. а еще ты толстый, да, за собой не следишь.
вот это, пацаны, матриархат.

Олена Лук’янова: справа серця, життя, честі – це має бути одна справа

Female Cinematographers, Not Content to Hide Behind the Camera

Here Is The Powerful Letter The Stanford Victim Read Aloud To Her Attacker
A former Stanford swimmer who sexually assaulted an unconscious woman was sentenced to six months in jail because a longer sentence would have “a severe impact on him,” according to a judge. At his sentencing Thursday, his victim read him a letter describing the “severe impact” the assault had on her.

German ‘Lady*fest’ declares clitoris ‘exclusionary’

Women Held To Higher Ethical Standard Than Men, Study Shows

'The Sex Trade' reveals Montreal as a hub for prostitution - Feminist Current
Is Montreal Canada’s Las Vegas? A film by Ève Lamont called The Sex Trade (Le commerce du sexe) reveals that the situation in Quebec is much worse than many had imagined (myself included) — more women are sold in prostitution in Montreal than anywhere else in North America.

The World’s Most Famous Dissident Journalist Returns to the Fight
Azerbaijan’s authoritarian rulers defamed, threatened, and jailed their country’s most stubborn journalist. But Khadija Ismayilova doesn’t know when to quit.

Let's get real about supporting women in tech
The numbers aren't improving. Could it be because men just do a better job? Not according to the research.

Сексуальное насилие над женщинами в церкви.

“The reason that it’s important to have strong female representation in this movie (Warcraft) and pretty much all movies, is that women exist everywhere and in equal numbers to men! So it makes sense that you probably might want to replicate that in pretty much all media, not just movies.” - Duncan Jones

dad 'breastfeeding' his daughter

End of Gender: Revolution, Not Reform
Gender is not an individual choice, it is not a natural state, and it is not just an idea

Гучний тріумф або Грандіозний провал

Ben Kingsley: why I now know that women make the best directors of men
The veteran actor’s new film, Learning to Drive, is directed, written and produced by women. He explains why it’s an experience he’s keen to repeat

These famous and influential women want to talk to the next president. About women. Specifically, about women’s rights and freedom to access the healthcare they need.

New sex ed app "Tap-That" wants you to fight STI monsters

Megan Fox Says Stereotypical Roles For Women Still Dominate Hollywood Films

Julie Andrews Announces Julie’s Greenroom, a New Netflix Series With the Jim Henson Company

Killing with kindness: “Lady Dynamite” and “Kimmy Schmidt” prove nice women can be funny and complex, too
In the boisterous cocktail of sex, swagger & self-deprecation that defines so much comedy today, these 2 stand out

“Women have changed over the last couple of years”—Annie Leibovitz’s portraits of power

Hospice patient gets last wish -- sand, sugar and sangria

Texas Girl With Prosthetic Leg Receives Doll with Same, Proceeds to Cry Happy Tears

'I was just flesh with no face, no name': five women on being objectified
From catcalls to discrimination at work, we asked women to tell us about the first time they felt objectified for being female – and the last time

One Girl
There are parts of the world where being born a girl means you are denied an education. It means you could be sold into child marriage. Where being a girl means you will always be seen as less.
But we can do something about it. We’re looking for passionate leaders to take a stand for girls everywhere, and become Ambassadors for Girls’ Education.


The story behind 7 of history's most successful women of business.

Producer Effie Brown Talks About the Difference Between “Diversity” and “Inclusiveness”

New Video Shows A Disturbing Reality That Most Women Know All Too Well
65 percent of women have experienced it

Бразилійка робить татуювання жінкам поверх шрамів, які залишилися від жорстокого насильства
Шрами є вічним нагадуванням про події, при яких вони були отримані.

пані 90 років любить відкрите море

Cartoonist Reimagines World Where Girls Haul Books, Not Water

Leonora Carrington: Britain's lost surrealist
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