Mary Xmas (maryxmas) wrote,
Mary Xmas

міжнародний день викорінення проституції

жодна жінка, жодна дитина, жоден чоловік не повинні продавати себе, щоб не померти з голоду.
жоден чоловік не має права на секс за гроші.

Coalition Against Trafficking in Women Australia
Did you know that today is the International Day of No Prostitution?
"International Day of No Prostitution (IDNP) is an awareness day that was first observed in 2002. Locations at which IDNP was observed in its inaugural year included the San Francisco Bay Area, United States and Melbourne, Australia. The day is celebrated annually on October 5 as a manner of opposing all systems of prostitution."

International Day of No Prostitution
Tags: проституція
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