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Mark Zuckerberg seeks to add to private, beachfront compound by suing Native Hawaiians

Originally posted by dangerbuffalo at Mark Zuckerberg seeks to add to private, beachfront compound by suing Native Hawaiians

-In an attempt to make his 100 million dollar & 700 acre beachfront compound more private, facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg is seeking out and suing several hundred native Hawaiians who have claim to parts of his land
-There are parcels of land on and near his property that are occupied via "Kuleana Act" law. The plots, known as kuleana lands, are often divided into ever smaller portions as they are passed down through native families through generations
-Zuckerberg has filed "quiet and title actions" against several hundred Native Hawaiian people in order to identify the current legal owners and force a sale of the plots of land
-His legal team claims “Quiet title actions are the standard and prescribed process to identify all potential co-owners, determine ownership, and ensure that, if there are other co-owners, each receives appropriate value for their ownership share"
-Due to the United State's annexation and overthrow of the sovereign Kingdom of Hawaii, it is not unusual for large portions of land sales in Hawaii to contain plots with unclear ownership
-Locals criticized the Zuck earlier this year for building a wall that obstructs the view and limits local beach access enjoyed by neighbors for decades. Zuckerberg has criticized Trump's talk of building a border wall.

source: 1

What a cool and great guy sorry about the source mods, I hope this tweet is ok?

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