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натрапила на цікавий матеріал, щоб не заубився, складаю сюди

Gynaecologist Dr Kurt Warnekros, was the Nazi doctor who performed surgical implants of a uterus and ovaries on Lili Elbe (Einar Wegener) at his Dresden Women's Clinic in 1928. Wegener had consulted Magnus Hirschfeld in Berlin and was referred by him to Dr Warnekros for surgery.
Elbe died. Story is romanticised in "The Danish Girl". Warnekros is linked to Professor Steinach, Vienna, who was transplanting ovaries into male rats. Warnekros would have obtained the organs from hysterectomies he performed on women at his clinic. He would have done more transplants into males, one can assume. He went on to do involuntary sterilisations on homosexual men from concentration camps through the 1930s up to 1945. He was not punished at Nuremberg- records from Dresden had been destroyed in British air raids.
Himmler was determined to eradicate homosexuality-there was funding for doctors who linked into this, so Dr Warnekros got funding for his experiments. Many of these doctorswere not prosecuted at Nuremberg, because as Peter Thatchell suggests in his expose of Danish Dr Carl Vaernet, homosexuality was still criminalised in many countries, and the allied governments may not have entirely disapproved of this "research".

кілька посилань:
перша операція зі зміни статевих органів

Гімлер про гомосексуальність

про датського лікаря, який експериментував на геях в нацистських концтаборах
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