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  • Sun, 17:31: святкували вчора дитякин день народження
  • Mon, 11:12: RT @otardovzhenko: На Житомирщині горить Корогодське лісництво, а Гарік Корогодський вважає Майдан переворотом, а революціонерів злочинцями…
  • Mon, 11:12: RT @MavicCBalleza: COVID-19 lockdown is no excuse! Continuing efforts to improve our work! @GNWP_GNWP #YoungWomenLeaders
  • Mon, 11:14: RT @AvriSapir: So you're telling me that a moderator saw me, an infant in diapers being brutally raped & sobbing in pain, and approved the…
  • Mon, 11:17: RT @LailaMickelwait: Pornhub not only profited from this video of a reported underage 9th grade girl, but they FEATURED & PROMOTED it. #Tra
  • Mon, 11:17: RT @ExodusCry: “When you realize that there are real victims behind the screen, you see beyond the ‘fantasy’ into the reality that is the d…
  • Mon, 11:18: RT @TheTweetOfGod: Worst species ever.
  • Mon, 11:18: RT @KnownHeretic: "The main reason for the uneven management sex ratio is our inability to discern between confidence and competence." http…
  • Mon, 11:19: RT @WomenReadWomen: "A source that claims to work for Nintendo told us that, despite the solution being an easy fix, they just couldn’t fat…
  • Mon, 11:50: RT @WomenReadWomen: Got it, women? You want to be sexually objectified. It's in your nature. Male autogynephilia is just an expression of f…
  • Mon, 11:52: RT @SwipeWright: 1/ Look at how biological sex is depicted in this ridiculous figure. It doesn't refer to males or females, just "male-ness…
Tags: #tra, #youngwomenleaders, twitter
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