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  • Thu, 00:30: RT @MavicCBalleza: It's always an honor and pleasure to be part of a discussion with feminist peacebuilders! Thanks and congrats @WPSNCanad
  • Thu, 00:32: RT @StoatlyL: 'I would’ve greatly regretted medical transition, and although at the time I thought I’d die if I didn’t get my way, I’m imme…
  • Thu, 08:33: RT @ExodusCry: “The sexually exploitative entities taking advantage of the pandemic, wrongfully advertising ‘employment’ ‘opportunities’ to…
  • Thu, 08:34: RT @lindamacnst: .@Mainstreethfx interview with @johannamayblack abt male violence against women & #NSMassShooting. #CallItFemicide @Suzann
  • Thu, 08:34: RT @Jewellmb: @MiraSorvino @AgapeIntMission @CNNFreedom Thanks so much for sending love to all my friends today: AIM, Exodus Cry, and Benja…
  • Thu, 08:35: RT @preta_6: Come along with me on this thread about SOGI123, the sexual orientation and gender identity education given to public school c…
  • Thu, 08:45: RT @swan_support: UPDATE #Swan that was #shot in the head whilst sat on her nest in Thatcham has been reunited with her mate. She had surge…
  • Thu, 08:56: RT @wolk_2012: Всі послали росію на хуй з її нафтопродуктами, і тільки ми з квітня підтримуємо її економіку і купуємо в неї бензин. Де ті р…
  • Thu, 08:57: RT @SmetanatBorschu: Гроші на податкову міліцію в них є, а на лікарів та на лабораторії немає.
  • Thu, 09:11: RT @FiLiA_charity: “When we met, he offered to take me to his home and care for me until I gave birth, but only if I was willing to sell th…
Tags: #callitfemicide, #nsmassshooting, #shot, #swan, #transwidows, twitter

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