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  • Sun, 18:22: RT @JeanHatchet: This is patriarchy and rape culture Joe Rogan @joerogan claps as comedian Joey Diaz tells of sexually abusing and sexuall…
  • Sun, 18:23: RT @LilyLilyMaynard: One of the big questions that nobody can answer (and obviously you can’t raise unless you’re an evil transphobe etc et…
  • Sun, 18:23: RT @RoseKalemba: Don’t ever get me started! Hugh Hefner was a pedophile who published Brooke Shields nude in a playboy publication when she…
  • Sun, 18:23: RT @ripx4nutmeg: Police launch an appeal to find a sex attacker - but, because he was a man wearing women's clothing, they give no details…
  • Sun, 18:24: RT @HairyLeggdHarpy: HAPPY EJACULATORS DAY! #inclusive
  • Sun, 18:24: RT @preta_6: Happy Father’s Day! (There, see how easy it is to take a day to appreciate a subset of people without demanding to include yo…
  • Sun, 20:01: RT @lisitcya: У мене є мрія. Щоб мені, як російськомовній в житті, створили нестерпні умови, щоб я вимушена була перейти на українську. Бо…
  • Mon, 08:28: Ідеальна перспектива. (Kiev Oblast):
  • Mon, 08:29: Кінець стежки. (Kiev Oblast):
  • Mon, 08:30: RT @HJoyceGender: Every day the censorship of women's voices gets more surreal. Apparently a petition for women to say they don't want to b…
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