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  • Wed, 08:51: RT @LailaMickelwait: My latest on how Pornhub is not only enabling, promoting and monetizing sex trafficking and rape, but also the most ex…
  • Wed, 08:51: RT @DidMykola2: Про те, що Порох "краде" верещала більшість ЗМІ. Правда, ніхто не міг уточнити, що саме він "вкрав". Про те, як краде Беня…
  • Wed, 08:53: RT @women_are_human: Update: According to sources, a femicidal maniac has been released from prison with the new identity Magdala Johansson…
  • Wed, 08:54: RT @eternalrailway: "Я тобі не дорогенька": Порошенку нагадали, що сексизм – неприпустимий - 7 березня 2018. Абсолютно все, в чому звинува…
  • Wed, 08:54: RT @lblwcri: For this one piece of heart rending history I will *always react with rage at ‘transwomen are women like black Women are women…
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    Thu, 07:31: RT @ cawsbar: As we continue to gain traction, the anti-woman/anti-child campaigners are amping up their rhetoric against women who…

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    Tue, 18:43: RT @ YasMohammedxx: #FreeFromHijab Tue, 18:44: RT @ DrJessTaylor: If I leave a legacy of any kind, it will be a body of work,…

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    Mon, 16:00: RT @ womensart1: Polish artist NeSpoon from Warsaw, known for her street art featuring traditional lace pattern imagery #womensart

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