Mary Xmas (maryxmas) wrote,
Mary Xmas

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  • Thu, 07:20: RT @radicalhag: RW Patriarchy: you have to do whatever men want. LW Patriarchy: you can choose to do whatever men want, but we'll cancel y…
  • Thu, 07:23: RT @ripx4nutmeg: A woman has detailed that, when she worked for the Samaritans, scores of men with a humiliation fetish called to masturbat…
  • Thu, 07:25: RT @gemma_brett: Another "why won't women just go for smears" camping where they belittle women and tell us off without mentioning that bec…
  • Thu, 07:27: RT @KnownHeretic: Forcing other people to participate in your perverse fetish is not ha human right! I refuse to hide my disgust for this…
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