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  • Thu, 08:38: RT @LailaMickelwait: Just a reminder that Pornhub made zero reports of known child rape to authorities for over a decade. #Traffickinghub
  • Thu, 08:38: RT @NataliaAntonova: Pro tip: If you’re going to cover sensitive topics, make sure you vet your sources. A conspiracy theorist who exaggera…
  • Thu, 08:39: RT @radicalhag: I haven't kept track, but I wonder how much money I've put into crowdfunders for legal cases defending women's basic legal…
  • Thu, 08:39: RT @DrJessTaylor: I think people forget I’m a human. The shit I read about myself from complete strangers is disgusting. Always the ‘be ki…
  • Thu, 08:39: RT @ariana_erbon: By all means, peak the English speaking world with Reddit, because very few people care about women dying in childbirth,…
  • Thu, 08:41: RT @janeclarejones: This exchange is a great demonstration of how TRAs have arrived at the conclusion we are the essentialists here. And a…
  • Thu, 08:43: RT @DworkinDaily: People are also known to fight oppression and to hate cruelties they are forced to endure; but women are supposed to enjo…
Tags: #traffickinghub, twitter

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