Mary Xmas (maryxmas) wrote,
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  • Mon, 09:01: RT @glosswitch: Everything is violence now, except men hitting women. Women talking about men hitting women is "weaponized violence". Men b…
  • Mon, 09:02: RT @ariana_erbon: Sometimes I feel like a coward. Then, I remember why I focus on female issues and don't share here everything I've seen…
  • Mon, 09:03: RT @gnwp_gnwp: Thank you for joining ➡️ The pandemic will not stop us: Impact of COVID-19 on women peace activists in Colombia🇨🇴, the Phili…
  • Mon, 09:04: RT @janeclarejones: You think I wouldn't be shocked by their bare bullying by now, but when it materialises in the flesh like this, knowing…
  • Mon, 11:14: RT @glosswitch: This week's letter is about self-styled progressive older men and their strategic use of the generational "we"
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