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  • Wed, 08:33: RT @DworkinDaily: What, then, are the root causes of rape? Rape is the direct consequence of our polar definitions of men and women. Rape i…
  • Wed, 08:37: RT @LailaMickelwait: Rape for profit is sex trafficking. Child sexual abuse for profit is sex trafficking. Pornhub and the other porn tub…
  • Wed, 08:37: RT @WomenReadWomen: Gender ideology is a cover for male sexual entitlement, deliberately designed to be "inclusive" of women and children i…
  • Wed, 08:38: RT @mhmck: Doomsday for Ukraine and NATO allies in Eastern Europe comes on Thursday when Chancellor Merkel meets with President Biden to se…
  • Wed, 08:43: RT @DeanJern: "Adams described one incident in which an inmate who had sexually assaulted two boys was transferred to a women’s prison unde…
  • Wed, 08:44: RT @WomenReadWomen: The claim to an oppressed identity allows privileged and sometimes wealthy men to rationalize their position of power i…
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