Mary Xmas (maryxmas) wrote,
Mary Xmas

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  • Sun, 15:25: Ліворуч від дороги.
  • Sun, 15:25: Праворуч від дороги.
  • Sun, 21:07: RT @DworkinDaily: In 1980, Linda Marchiano published Ordeal. World-famous as Linda Lovelace, the porn-queen extraordinaire of Deep Throat,…
  • Sun, 21:08: RT @LailaMickelwait: Pornhub/MindGeek was forced by the Canadian government to turn in years of financial information along with vast amoun…
  • Mon, 08:20: RT @LailaMickelwait: Pornhub main public representative was caught saying there is such a thing as “good rape” Let that sink in. #Traffi
  • Mon, 08:21: RT @geraldine_mck: A 12-year-old girl went to a police station after a sex attack. She says a staff member told her to leave with two stran…
  • Mon, 08:23: RT @mhmck: We’re already in a global war. Russia is invading the largest country wholly within Europe, Ukraine. We haven’t had a choice abo…
Tags: #traffi, twitter

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